After Brexit and Trump the left behinds shake up Germany

by Guido Bolaffi - 2017.09.26
After Brexit and Trump the left behinds shake up Germany
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After the victory in England of Brexit and the landslide of Trump in the United States, the shakeup of the recent elections in Germany confirms that in the leading companies of the industrial West that which Ronald Inghelart and Pippa Norris have brilliantly defined as a “silent revolution on the contrary” is now happening. Put into action by the “left behinds” of these countries to put a stop to a system of social rules and cultural values that have caused them to live as foreigners in their own countries. More a revolt than a protest, claims Tiziano Bonazzi, composed not only of the “poor and excluded, but rather of people who feel homeless at home, without a home of their own, that is to say robbed of their sentiments”.

A truth that demands reflection. Because the causes triggered by such malcontent are not, as many still persist in believing, only material in nature. That could be resolved by a loosening of the purse strings and an increase in public spending. They are mainly cultural-existential in nature. They concern the identity of entire social groups that having been excluded from the game by advanced aged, low level of education or ethnic origin, are opposing the dominant wave of post-material values and pro-diversity multicultural cosmopolitism professed by the elite. That for many years have undervalued or, worse still pretended not to see, the estrangement produced between the “left behinds” by immigration that in space of a few years has changed the lifestyle, demographic profile, languages and customs of what they have always considered home. If things stand as they are, given that no-one can wind back the hands of time, there are essentially two dangers from which one must be protected.

The first is that of the rabble-rousers that, exploiting the fears and tensions of this world in revolt, seek consent by “selling” as the future the nostalgia of good times that are no longer.

The second, less loutish but no less dangerous, of those that prefer to adopt the non quietare e quieta non movere approach (don’t shake up what is calm, but calm that which is agitated) are waiting for the night to pass.

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