A nice movie on intergenerational cohousing

by Annalisa Lista - 2016.03.01
A nice movie on intergenerational cohousing
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Telling intergenerational cohousing through a movie. A French filmmaker, François Desagnat, has done it in a nice way in his movie Adopte un veuf ("let's adopt a widower") that will be released in France on 20th April. The plot is simple and incisive: Hubert, who’s widower, has lost his zest for life, spending all day long in watching TV in his big but empty house. One day, by chance, a young student, Manuela, comes and decides to stay at his house. Followed, some weeks later, by a young nurse and a lawyer in search for accommodation. The unusual cohabiting, even if upsets the rhythms of everyone, makes all their lives richer. Giving back to Hubert his joie de vivre and important life lessons to the young. A nice comedy that tells, on the one side, older people’s loneliness and on the other side, the difficulty, for today’s youths, to get their own flat.

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