1 out of 2 Italian women will have one of these killer diseases

by Roberta Lunghini - 2016.12.15

In Italy, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity (cardio-metabolic diseases), kill more than 1 out of 2 women. Of the risk factors that are associated with pathologies concerning the heart and/or blood vessels, in addition to those that have already been vastly publicized (hypertension, smoking, mellitus diabetes, age and being overweight), others less-known are increasingly implicated for females, in particular: menopause, polycystic ovary syndrome, autoimmune illnesses, and pregnancy. Though diabetes and other weight-related pathologies are present in men, they can have a severe impact on the overall health of women and can be manifested in a variety of important cardiovascular, oncological, or muscular-skeletal disturbances. This information has just been highlighted in Onda, Italian National Observatory on Female Health, which has also just published a formal recognition of the Italian hospitals that participate in the network Bollini Rosa, where women can find excellent care.

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