Women on top

by Roberta Lunghini - 2012.03.08

In Italy, in 2011, the companies led by women were 7 thousand more than the previous year. With an increase of 0.5%. At the top of this special ranking we find Lazio (+1.3%) and Lombardy (+0.9%). In particular, in the latter, female enterprises represent about 21% of the total. Milan in the head with nearly 57,600 firms managed by women. Equal to 33.3% of all the companies in Lombardy.

  • She’s part of the brain drain but not really

    On the Internet, I got the idea that I would have met one of those women who know what they are on about.  Indeed, this was confirmed, when on a rare warm day in Brussels, I found myself having a head-to-head with Valeria Ronzitti, General Secretary of CEEP. During our meeting, that Read More.

  • Entrepreneurship beats the bully

    Often victims of violence are economically dependent on their persecutor. The new start-up Led by Her, was developed to encourage entrepreneurship in this special category of abused women by providing tools for emancipation and ways to rebuild their lives. " I realized  - says thirty year old Chiara Condi, creator Read More.

  • The wealthiest businesswomen come from China

    At a global level, the majority of billionaire businesswomen comes from China. Among the 88 richest women who lead a firm, 56 are Asian. Distancing by far the United States (15) and the United Kingdom (8). A truth emerged from Hurun, the Shanghai-based research firm. Topping the global list is Read More.

  • Only 1 manager out of 3 in the EU is a woman

    In the European Union only 1 manager out of 3 in the EU is a woman... earning on average almost a quarter less than a man. This information is published by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, on the occasion of International Women’s Day (8 March). Nearly 7.3 Read More.

  • Young people doing business in Italy

    In Italy, enterprises run by people under 35 are 534,000. Of these, over 25,000 are in Milan. Where, in 5 years, their number has increased by 1% (+200 units). The number of companies run by young women has increased by 1.4% in one year and by 6% in five years. Read More.

  • WEgate, the new pan-European platform for women entrepreneurs

    WEgate is a unique pan-European gateway for women’s entrepreneurship in Europe. Launched by the European Commission, it combines information and resources needed to start and grow a business. It offers inspiration, peer-support and networking possibilities. It acts as a hub not only for women entrepreneurs but also for policy-makers, stakeholders Read More.