Why Italians don’t like working from home

by Roberta Lunghini - 2017.07.17
Why Italians don’t like working from home
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More than half of all Italians are convinced that working from home is unproductive. And 40% feel that this is mainly because of the typical home environment and the distractions that prevent you from concentrating. Firstly, the presence of family members or roommates (44%) and then worrying about having to do the chores (25.9%) or interaction with social networks (17.6%).  Not to mention the 32% of respondents, who on average, two or three times a day, have a look in the fridge. The above has been revealed by a study conducted by Spaces, an international company with offices around the world, who interviewed Italians on the growing habit of working from home.  Among other reported disadvantages is the problem of isolation which affects their social life (27.8%) or the excessive costs in economic terms, of creating the necessary working area (24.5%).

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