Single Parent Families

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Boomerang dads still win over the kids


Daughters are the ones who are especially ready to welcome “Boomerang Dads” back with open arms. This is the term applied to fathers who decide to come back home after abandoning the family for years. ...

Sweden approves artificial insemination for single women


The right to have artificial insemination for free has been approved in Sweden for single women, the government having already approved the right for same-sex couples. The historic yes cross-party vote in Stockholm passed ...

Single mothers are the most sleep-deprived people


Single parents, especially women, were more likely than adults in other types of families to have short sleep duration, frequently have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, and frequently wake up feeling not well-rested. ...

Single parents live together like students


“Reading articles on different generations or students living together, we had the idea of expanding the concept to single-parent families,” says Jessica Levy. The 30-year-old French woman, together with her childhood friend Leslie Mohorade, ...

When children were stolen from ‘fallen’ women


In the 19th century, thousands of mothers had their children taken away from them because they were too young and unmarried. London Foundling Museum has dedicated a special exhibition to them: a gallery of ...