LGBTI in Europe

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Showstopper in Serbian politics: lesbian Prime Minister


Woman and lesbian, new Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabic, has uprooted taboos in one of the most conservative and homophobic countries in Europe.42 years old, declared homosexual, she was just sworn in by the ...

Lgbt couples in Denmark prefer church weddings


The number of homosexual Danish couples who prefer a religious ceremony over a municipal one is growing. Since Copenhagen legalized gay marriages, in 2012, over 400 marriages among people of the same gender have been ...

France welcomed first gay refugee from Chechnya


France has welcomed the first gay refugee from Chechnya. Joël Deumier, the president of French LGBT rights organization SOS Homophobie announced yesterday that France has started taking in gay refugees from Chechnya. France follows ...

New legal gender recognition legislation approved by Belgium


Transgender citizens in Belgium can legally change their name on documents, without having to undergo any surgical procedure. The parliament met yesterday and approved the law that put an end to the sterilisation requirements ...

In this case it’s homosexuals seeking asylum


Lithuania is the first country in the world to concede the right to asylum to two homosexuals persecuted in Chechnya because of their sexual orientation. The announcement came from the Minister of Foreign Affairs ...