LGBTI in Italy

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She is the first trans to get married in Italy


Next April 27 in Aversa, Italy, Alessia Cinquegrana and Michele Picone will celebrate a truly unique marriage. In fact, for the first time in Italy, a trans woman can marry after receiving sex reassignment ...

Italian region of Umbria approves law against homophobia


Umbria sent a loud and clear “no” to any form of homophobia and transphobia. Yesterday evening, the regions’s “regulation against discrimination and violence based on sexual orientation” was approved by the Regional Council, with ...

The first Italian retirement home for LGBT


The first retirement home for LGBT residents has been planned for Bologna. Following the examples that have already popped up in England, Spain, and Sweden, the facility in the region of Emilia-Romagna will be ...

Here’s how we gay, disabled individuals fall in love


Sex, disability, and homosexuality. These three words don’t go together for most people. To refute the myth that a disabled person, perhaps a gay one, cannot look for love, an amusing video was launched ...