LGBTI in Germany

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Germany to compensate victims of anti-gay law


Historical compensation has been approved by the German government for victims of so-called 'section 175', a law that was in force from 1871 to 1994, which made gay relationships a criminal offence punishable by ...

The German church that marries gay couples


From 1 July, gay couples in Berlin and the entire region of Brandenburg can get married in church. This was established by a regional synod of the Evangelical Church (EKBO), with a large majority ...

Website that teaches immigrants about gay sex


In a new website that teaches migrants arriving in Germany about sex, the German Ministry of Health didn't forget about homosexuality, which is criminalised in almost all the countries from which refugees have been ...

A centre for LGBTI refugees in Berlin


A centre has opened in Berlin for LGBTI refugees, welcoming and supporting all gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans and intersex asylum seekers. It was set up by Schwulenberatung, a German organisation based in the capital, ...

The difficult coming out of young Germans


Nowadays homosexuality is increasingly accepted in Europe. However the coming out is a difficult moment for the majority of young gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans Germans. A snapshot that emerges from a study conducted ...

A gay couple opened their home to 24 refugees


One German gay couple, Dirk Voltz and his partner Mario, have taken 24 refugees into their Berlin apartment. A number of politicians have claimed the refugees are a threat to gay people, however, writing ...