LGBTI in Ireland

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Ireland lifts lifetime ban on gay men giving blood


Ireland has softened rules that permanently banned men who have sex with men from donating blood. Until this week, the Republic of Ireland continued to enforce rules introduced at the height of the AIDS ...

How many gay couples marry in Ireland?


After the historic vote in Ireland, in support of gay marriage, there are the first full statistics since new marriage legislation came into effect. The number of marriages registered during the quarter was 3,539, ...

Trinity gives drag queen Panti Bliss honorary degree


Trinity College Dublin has awarded an honorary degree to drag queen Panti Bliss, for his tireless commitment to LGBT rights activism. According to the judges, the recent graduate, real name Rory O'Neill, is credited ...

The secret that gay workers won’t share


A survey conducted in Ireland reveals that three-quarters of gay workers keep their sexual orientation secret in the workplace, for fear of discrimination or bullying. These are the main results of the survey, which ...