LGBTI in Scandinavia

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Lgbt couples in Denmark prefer church weddings


The number of homosexual Danish couples who prefer a religious ceremony over a municipal one is growing. Since Copenhagen legalized gay marriages, in 2012, over 400 marriages among people of the same gender have been ...

Finland parliament votes to confirm same-sex marriage law


From March 2017 marriage and adoption by same-sex couples will enter officially into force in Finland. Last Friday, in fact, the Finnish Parliament rejected by a large majority (120 against 48) a petition (from ...

Church of Norway approves same-sex-inclusive liturgy


The Church of Norway has approved a new liturgy inclusive of same-sex weddings. The synod of Norway's Evangelical Lutheran Church voted Monday 83 to 29 in favour of a new liturgy, or service, that ...

The future specialisation for nurses is LGBT


Enköping in Sweden is the first city in the world where a hospital has been awarded an 'LGBT certificate'. Because all 500 employees at the health facility have completed a training course of 20 ...

Where transsexuals can change gender without surgery


Transgender people in Norway can now change their official gender without first undergoing surgical sterilisation. Under the new law just passed by the Scandinavian country, the person just needs to self-certify the change and ...

Denmark to stop treating transsexuals as mentally ill


As of 2017, transsexuals will not be considered to be mentally ill in Denmark. The decision was taken unanimously by the Scandinavian parliament's Health Committee. Its justification was that a person's gender identity is ...