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In this case it’s homosexuals seeking asylum


Lithuania is the first country in the world to concede the right to asylum to two homosexuals persecuted in Chechnya because of their sexual orientation. The announcement came from the Minister of Foreign Affairs ...

Funeral home refused to cremate gay man


Robert Huskey and Jack Zawadski were together for more than half a century. When the former died, a funeral parlour allegedly told his husband they would not handle his ashes. For most of the ...

New video channel by and for trans people in India


TransVision is the new YouTube channel created by trans people in India for their community. In the words of Moses Tulasi, filmmaker and producer, TransVision "aims to provide accurate scientific and anthropological information on medical, ...

She is the first trans to get married in Italy


Next April 27 in Aversa, Italy, Alessia Cinquegrana and Michele Picone will celebrate a truly unique marriage. In fact, for the first time in Italy, a trans woman can marry after receiving sex reassignment ...