Illegal immigrants

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Super American expert defends the EU-Turkey refugee agreement


The EU-Turkey agreement is a reference model to deal with the refugee crisis. Michael S. Teitelbaum, Foreign Affairs columnist, Harvard Law School researcher, and Vice-President of the parliamentary commission for USA immigration reform is convinced ...

The State should not delegate immigration policy to NGOs


The Senate Defence Commission has unanimously approved and presented yesterday the results of fact-finding research concerning the emergency operations of NGOs in the Mediterranean. We asked Professor Marco Lombardi of the Università Cattolica of ...

Regarding rescue missions NGOs continue to not offer any answers


This is yet another contribution to West’s ongoing investigative report called No Mare Vostrum (Not Your Sea*), on rescue missions of immigrants in the Mediterranean Sea. After Moas, now it’s Sos Mediterranée’s turn. They represent ...

Immigration: glass half empty or half full


To explain why immigration is such an important card played by right-wing populists and why analysts, each convinced of their explanations, continue to haggle, without consensus, is a difficult task, but not an impossible ...