Homelessness in France

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The app to help homeless people


Identifying homeless people, bringing them a meal, chatting a bit with them and promising to be back. This is the goal of the French app Homeless Plus, launched in June but particularly active now, ...

Who are those invisible women in the streets


Julie, 26 years-old, injects drug each day in a dark car parking in Paris. She decided to follow her ex partner some time ago, who is drug addict. And now she’s alone and homeless. ...

Where homeless people live as they want


In Marseille, inside an unusual hospice for homeless people, while everyone is still sleeping, a nurse brings Philippe his first beer. “I don't drink at night!” says the 60-year-old man, who has neither teeth ...

The non-luxury of being homeless


"Let's try to have the elegance to help those who have nothing." It is the slogan of a provocative campaign launched by  Aurore, a French association in support of homeless people. Three large posters representing three ...

A different look on homelessness through humor


A collection of irreverent cartoons tells the daily condition addressed by those who are homeless. It's what you can find on the new born website SANS A_. An interactive platform developed thanks to the ...