Gender equality and discrimination in the United Kingdom

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The ancestor to today’s fire fighters in London


In 1982 Josephine Reynolds was the very first woman to be admitted to Britains corps of Fire Figthers. Her story can be read in the pages of the recently published, Fire Woman, her autobiography. ...

Super-data-sharing solution protects prostitutes


Hi-tech prostitution in the UK has contributed to saving the lives of many prostitutes in that country.By signing up for a special database called National Ugly Mugs, the sex worker across The Channel, can, in fact, report ...

Gender pay gap still widens after age 30


In the United Kingdom, women entering work now would still earn significantly less than their male counterparts over their careers, despite an improvement in pay differentials during the first decade of employment. According to ...

Jimmy Savile scandal helps break victims’ silence


In part, thanks to the Jimmy Savile scandal, England has seen an incredible increase of 135% in the number of criminal charges of rape over the last five years. Passing from an annual average of 10,000 ...

The sexist and misspelled Einstein T-shirt


A Gap advert sent out to UK customers was considered "sexist." The ad in question was first shared on social media by a Twitter user after she received Gap's email. The email advertised a ...