Gender equality and discrimination in France

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Entrepreneurship beats the bully


Often victims of violence are economically dependent on their persecutor. The new start-up Led by Her, was developed to encourage entrepreneurship in this special category of abused women by providing tools for emancipation and ...

No Prince Charming for this new Snow White


Imagine the Seven Dwarfs who clean the house while Snow White is at school. This is only one of the many scenes that will be featured in the new French series for small children ‘Sept Nains ...

Walking home alone is still a problem for women


A girl says good-bye to her friends before starting her walk home and her friend tells her to be careful. The girl puts on her headphones in a dimly lit street. Shortly after a ...

The burkini war between French minister and fashion industry


“Muslims who wear the veil are like blacks who put up with slavery.” That's how Laurence Rossignol, the French minister for equal opportunities, justified her disappointment when some big fashion retailers launched some halal ...