Gender equality and discrimination in Global Research

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Porno addicts as boys, sexists as men


Porno addicts as young boys, sexists as adult men. In short, that is the conclusion of a study undertaken by the University of Nebraska presented at the largest conference in the world dedicated to ...

Identikit of women murdered in the United States


In the USA, more than half of the homicides committed against women are by their partner (or “ex”). Or, at least this is what has emerged in the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s most ...

Women aren’t managers because they love leisure time


It is not down to male dominance if only just 20% of managing directors in the world are women. It is often women themselves who prioritise private rather than professional life. These are the findings ...

Why it’s better to choose a female physician for your health problems


Female doctors are more dependable then their male colleagues. At least, that is what the data from a recent Harvard study indicates. After having analyzed 1.5 million medical records of Americans in the over-65 ...