Family in Spain

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Four homeless who get a chance of a lifetime


Four homeless are in the Barcellona spotlight recently. Marcos, Enrique, Andrzj and Vincet, unlike many of their street friends, had the good fortune of being involved in an exclusive work integration program, developed by ...

The violence of the Spanish suburbs revealed online


Great success for the Spanish film distributed exclusively on the internet, with no advertising budget. Criando ratas was filmed in the disadvantaged suburbs of Alicante and reveals the underground network of street gangs, smuggling, ...

A new mother finds her Eldorado


Only a few weeks after my first promotion at work, I found out that I was pregnant. As an Italian having emmigrated to Spain, I was aware that the welfare system would not be ...

First airline travel, now low-cost divorces


Divorce online Spanish-style for only 180 euro. The Spanish app was created by a team of divorce lawyers and it enables users to complete formal, legal documents in a few steps. The app ...

Spanish moms can have fun while breastfeeding


Breastfeeding at the movie theatre can be embarassing. That's whay in Spain, many movie theatres are adhering to the initiative «sesión teta», special projection rooms where behaviors that are not well received by usual movie goers are ...