Family in Germany

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Not even lay people accept robot priests


Go to confession and receive benediction from a robot priest. In Wittenberg, Germany, android BlessU-2 recites verses from the bible, prays, and absolves faithful parishioners in 5 languages: English, German, Spanish, French and Polish. ...

New baby boom in Germany thanks to immigrants


For the first time since 1982 the birth rate in Germany is exceeding 1.5 children per woman, thanks to the immigrants. This figure, despite being low and not reaching the the generational substitution rate ...

Family storytelling from anywhere in the world


Helping family members to share stories with each other wherever they are in the world. This is the aim of StoryHome. A German device shaped like a Russian doll that, once set up, the ...

Will Germans start jumping red lights any time soon?


“From Greek bailouts to traffic signals, Germans pride themselves on respecting the rules. But on the latter point at least, even some here believe that fixation has gone too far.” With these ironic tones, ...

Parents in their 30s are happier


The perfect family consists of parents in their thirties and two children. This is the recipe for happiness, according to the Max Planck Institute in a study involving about 7,000 British and German families. ...

German dogs and owners united even in death


From today, in the cemeteries of Braubach and Essen, in Germany, it will be possible to be buried alongside one's pet. The unusual initiative has been launched by the first funeral parlour to provide ...