Family in Belgium

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A video that breaks the tabù of marital rape


It’a called marital rape and it exists. This is the message launched in the Belgian, short film, “Je suis ordinaire” (I’m ordinary). Directed by Chloé Fontaine, it aims to put an end to the ...

The infidelity study all fathers should read


Between one and two per cent of fathers may have raised a child that's not biologically their. A study by the University of Leuven, in Belgium, has busted a myth that's popular on talk ...

Two moms invent an App for babysitting


Do you want to find a partner? A place to stay? A pizza? Smartphone apps help match supply to demand for any number of needs. In Belgium, there's now one for finding a babysitter. ...

Courtesans in Brussels face cruel eviction


Dédée has worked as a prostitute in Brussels for over 40 years. She sits in the window, seven days a week, waiting for the next customer. But the house where she has always worked ...

Liege launches ‘Valentine against Violence’


An awareness campaign called 'Saint Valentine's against violence' was launched this morning in Liege in Belgium. The campaign aims to raise awareness and prevent domestic violence among young Belgians. It reminds the public about ...

Poverty affects us only if shown in movies


Poverty affects us only when it takes the form of fiction. It is not the theory of some philosopher, but the harsh reality denounced by the new awareness campaign by Médecins du monde about ...