Services and Family tax policies

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How much the EU spends on family/child benefits


Over €330 billion were spent in 2014 in the European Union (EU) on family/child benefits. This represents 8.6% of total social benefits, ranking the function "Family and children" on the third position after "Old ...

Here is the law introducing the Inclusion Welfare Assistance


Green light of the Italian Senate to the Inclusion Welfare Assistance (Reddito di Inclusione). Today, in fact, the new rules against poverty, already approved by the Chamber of Deputies in July, received the final ok. ...

Always protected by the state but always alone


From social welfare heaven to human relationship hell. This is the Sweden depicted by Director Erik Gandini in his latest documentary, “The Swedish Theory of Love" that will be in movie theatres as of ...

A portal that informs on welfare services in Milan


From domestic workers to caregivers. These are just a few of the 300 services of domestic assistance offered on the website A portal for families in the province of Milan that provides users ...