Drug addiction in Belgium

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London and Antwerp are the cocaine capitals of Europe


Londoners take more cocaine during weekdays than the residents of any other European city. However, during the weekends the Belgian city of Antwerp beat the UK capital’s appetite for the illegal stimulant. The findings ...

Belgium authorises the spray made from cannabis


After France, Belgium also gives the green light to the commercialisation of Sativex. An oral spray containing cannabis as ingredient and addressed mainly to people with multiple sclerosis. The Minister of Health, Maggie De ...

Where even the pigeons sniff cocaine


The most satisfied cocaine users in the world live in Belgium. In fact, according to the latest international report on drugs, Belgians rate the drug with a satisfaction level of 5.5 out of 10, ...

Belgium on board the drugs deregulation train


A generational challenge on the legalisation of cannabis is taking place in Belgium, where young members of almost all political parties have submitted a bill to revise drug policy. They say that so far ...

The doped sewers of Brussels


Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Easter. These days are not only good occasions to stay at home and rest but also great opportunity to "get high". It happens in Brussels. To confirm the data is ...

The evergreen habit


In Belgium, more than 1 out of 5 teenagers habitually consume marijuana or hashish. For a total of 480 joints per year per person, a double amount than in 2007, according to the latest ...