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Romania is betting on tourism for disabled


The Romanian city of Constanza will become the first in Europe to have a beach dedicated exclusively to disabled individuals. The therapeutic will be developed on a plot of land that is 22,000 square ...

First steps of integration for the deaf in Colombia


Colombia's first deaf bar has been opened in Bogota. It's called Sin palabras Café Sordo and was founded by three friends who were sensitive to the needs of those who, unlike themselves, have hearing ...

The activist who destroys the false myths about autism


Jason Love is a Los Angeles activist who is struggling to break down the stereotypes surrounding autism. One such myth is that children with autism have no capacity for invention. Jason reveals that, on ...

New USA program of bike-sharing for disabled citizens


Portland is the first American city to adopt a bike-sharing city for disabled citizens. “Adaptive Biketown” is the program sponsored by Nike and it allows individuals to rent a special bicycle for less than ...

Book series dedicated entirely to young readers with dyslexia


Dyscool is a book series entirely dedicated to young people with dyslexia. This initiative was born of a partnership between two publishing houses: the first, an innovative start-up, Mobydys, specialized in creating digital materials ...

Microsoft caters to needs of dyslexic users


Microsoft takes into consideration the unique needs of dyslexic users. inThe computer giant, in fact, has installed new dylexic-friendly functions in Word. Now, users who have learning disabilities can use Read Aloud, that actually pronounces out loud ...