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Here is how a deaf person can be a job coach


Lauren Mackiewicz is a perfect example of how someone can transform his/her disability into a professional talent. This 32-year old American is partially deaf and wears hearing aids when speaking with others. His job ...

Rap star with autistic son sings anti-vaccine lyrics


Rapper, mom of an autistic son, and anti-vaccine activist. On her last album, titled MC (mother courage) French artist, L’Originale K-Lindsey shares trials and tribulations of parents, who like her, have a child with ...

Now Mickey and Minnie greet kids who are deaf


Mickey and Minnie now comunicate to kids who are deaf in sign language. Which was a fantastic surprise for families who attended the annual festival sponsored by Olive Crest, an American non-profit dedicated to ...

New driving school for young drivers with autism


The first driving school for individuals with ADHD and autism has opened in the USA. The Safeway Driving School with offices throughout the country, has, in fact, launched a program ad hoc for special ...

Autistic guys get ready for the opening of their “ethical hotel”