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Sexy philanthropist arrives from Australia


Vävven an Australian start-up that sells sex toys is a company based on equity and solidarity. Perhaps it is the first company in this business sector to earmark 30% of its profits to the ...

They use games to manipulate consumers


“Adults, in equal measure to children, learn better when playing”. The reason why, according to Lauren Ferro of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, multi-nationals over half the globe are investing infinite sums of ...

Starbucks to donate surplus food to food banks


From today, Starbucks will donate all unsold food and drinks to the poor and homeless. The move was announced on Tuesday in a press release, which stated that, under the agreement signed with the ...

A guide to persuade entrepreneurs to invest on disability


Raising awareness and encouraging socially responsible investment for the inclusion of people with disabilities. This is the objective of the guide published by the Spanish Committee of Representatives of Persons with Disabilities (CERMI), thanks ...

Four potential rationales for instituting CSR programs


Why companies invest on corporate social responsibility, or CSR? A new paper published in the Journal of Marketing investigates the motivations behind companies’ implementation of CSR programs. The paper examines 4,500 firms over a ...