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New generation nannies are taking courses at Scotland Yard


With the terrorism alarm in England ongoing, the old figure of “nanny” is changing. Norland College, the well established institution that has been teaching refined Mary Poppins for royal families and the uper-class, since ...

Gardening at school reduces childhood obesity


Overweight children who take up gardening are more likely to lose weight in just one year. A study published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, revealed that the gardening classes dramatically improved ...

Some considerations about the homework debate


15-year old pupils spend on average 17 hours per week on activities such as homework, additional instruction and private study. Data from the Eurydice publication on instruction time tells us that the average length ...

Pet therapy to fight bullying at school


Pet therapy courses as part of the academic program to prevent bullying. Thanks to dogs that are able to facilitate socialization and healthy exchange among students. This initiative is sponsored by the Spanish association ...