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Let nurses with dementia keep working


Nurses with dementia should be allowed to continue treating patients. Royal College of Nursing claims the move would set an example to society. They could be moved into roles involving less technical tasks such ...

A brilliant 94-year old proves Mark Zuckerberg wrong


With 94-years already under his belt, John Goodenough might finally win the Nobel. Thanks to yet another, extraordinary invention: the solid state battery. That for its endurance and low cost, is destined to supplant ...

More music and less medicine for individuals with Alzheimer’s


With music therapy, individuals with Alzheimer’s relax and take less medicine. At least, that is what a recent study undertaken Brown University di Providence (USA) revealed, confirming results of previous studies. Their research involved an ...

Active gaming to prevent Alzheimer’s


Playing active videogames with grandchildren is a valid help to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. A truth coming from the University of Manchester, who carried out a study on a large sample of over 60. Results ...

Robot-caretaker ensures pills are taken on time


Mabu is the name of the robot that is destined to revolutionize medical assistance in the U.S. Its primary, but not exclusive function is to remind patients to take their pills or medicine. An increasingly important ...