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More over-60s kill themselves in the Netherlands


Last year 1,894 people committed suicide in the Netherlands, a slight rise of 23 on the previous year, the national statistics office CBS said. Given the growth in the size of the population, the ...

Anti-epilepsy dug could help those with mild Alzheimer’s


There is promise in an anti-epilepsy drug that restores normal brain activity in those with mild Alzheimer's disease. Researchers at a Harvard teaching hospital said there has been evidence that links seizure-like activity to ...

Laundry pods could be fatal for adults with dementia


Since 2012, in the U.S, six adults with dementia died after they ingested laundry pods. It has been reported by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. “Caregivers of children and seniors should be aware that ...

New government assistance for poor families: animal voucher


Teens have the same activity levels as someone who is 60


Teenagers have the same level of activity as an elderly person. Researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health found 'alarmingly low' rates of movement in older teens and declared that physical ...