Want a divorce but don’t know how? Call Radio Divorce

by Annalisa Lista - 2015.07.13
Want a divorce but don’t know how? Call Radio Divorce
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Radio Divorce is a radio station giving advice on marital separations and break-ups. It’s a social initiative that was launched in France a few weeks ago by Parisian lawyer Yves Toledano, who decided to spend a few hours a day on clients who don’t want to go straight to a divorce lawyer, either because they feel ashamed or because they can’t afford it. How does the service work? Listeners can just call in and leave a message or write an email. Then the lawyer, and his staff of notaries and accountants, will give advice and guidance on common situations. Those who wish to can also ask to hear the opinion of journalist-therapist Nathalie Zadok for ways of dealing with the psychological consequences of the end of a marriage. Alternatively, they can write to the blogger Audrey, to share their story.

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