U.S. fitness instructor with Down’s Syndrome is all the rage

by Angelica Basile - 2017.01.11
U.S. fitness instructor with Down’s Syndrome is all the rage
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James Fitzgerald is the first American fitness instructor with Down’s Syndrome. From, Ogden, Utah, James is 37 years old and every Saturday morning holds his popular lessons of cardio and aerobic. He got started because he wanted to help people with disabilities or with trisomy 21 stay fit. It all started with his brother Evan, a personal trainer, who convinced him to sign up for some classes at a health club to lose some weigt, seeing as his waste had been in continual expansion. After losing 9 kiliogams, James had become a star in his Ogden gym. From the beginning, he had been inspirational to everyone: that’s how the idea got started to give him his own class to teach. His perseverance and strong will to get things done is what distinguished him right from the start, but it was his wanting to be an example to other special needs individuals that made U.S. newspapers and tabloids want to highlight his story. “He is a source of encouragement” – is what they wrote most of all – “he not only shows others how to do the exercises, he makes them know that they can do them, if they really believe in themselves!”. Thanks to these qualities, James has very recently received the Gold’s Gym’s Legacy Award, the award that is given to the best employee in the famous sports club chain that has 700 locations throughout the world.

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