Toni Tampax takes a stroll with menstruation

by Angelica Basile - 2017.01.05
Toni Tampax takes a stroll with menstruation
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Washington, D.C. based artist, Cass Clemmer, has perhaps conceived of the first comic in history with a feminine hygiene tampo as the main character. “Toni-the tampon” goes around the city and about “its” daily life: in the airport, in the health club, etc. and with its big eyes, is not at all embarassed or ashamed of itself: no longer forced to hide in pockets or a purse — it can live out in the open, in front of everyone. Discovering, finally, that it is not as bad as it seemed. The concept came to mind when Cass, who grew up in a missionary family in the African Republic of Congo, decided to break the taboo that she had noticed all over the world, where any topic having to do with sex education and mentruation, in particular, is considered off limits. “Most of us are taught that we should never say anything about our ‘period” to the point where even showing a feminine napkin or tampon outside the privacy of a bathroom is considered complletely inappropriate – she explained.

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