They smoke for impatience

by Ilaria Durante - 2013.07.30
They smoke for impatience
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Smokers are not patient people. Eyale Ert and Eldad Yechiam, researchers from Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Israel Institute of Technology, reveal. They disproved the popular theory that links smoke habit to inclination to dangerous stuff. The study, published in PlosOne, showed that the problem of cigarettes addiction is mainly due to the inability to postpone the satisfaction of a need. Using the Iowa Gambling Task, a psychological test useful to control the decision-making processes of the human mind, they found that the smoker has a natural aptitude for instant gratification. Furthermore the intuition could be observed in other areas. The nicotine-dependents, for example, use fewer condoms. But even in this case, not for a greater appetite for risk, but for impatience.

Published in Tabagism.
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