The toy to help children overcome trauma

by Paola Battista - 2014.05.23
The toy to help children overcome trauma
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A simple toy has been developed to help child victims of traumatic events. The coloured cylinder is the idea of a Scottish design student, Bethany Frank, to support children suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Developed with input from a psychologist specialised in the effects of living in a war zone, the toy uses techniques to control anxiety and the gradual re-appropriation of space and living freely without fear. It is based on so-called ‘grounding techniques’, which reconcile the child with the present reality, with activities that stimulate the five senses. Hence the idea of cylinders, which can be used to jump or dance on, can be played like drums, can be spoken into so you hear your own echo or you can even roll them outdoors. The idea aims to stimulate creativity and imagination, which are essential for healthy development. The toy is also designed to guide the children towards regaining their future, using characters, stuck on the sides of the cylinders, which represent ambitious professions that can inspire the children.

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