Social clubs defy anti-cannabis laws

by Letizia Orlandi - 2013.11.18
Social clubs defy anti-cannabis laws
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Cultivation and possession of cannabis are illegal in Britain. But it’s not illegal to talk about it. So, in 2011, the first Cannabis Social Club was born, with the intent of representing Britain’s many marijuana users. The weekly meetings bring together pensioners, students, builders, bankers, etc., to discuss topics ranging from self-medication to a campaign for the decriminalization of drugs. The club, which aims to legalise the use of cannabis, has been a great success and 49 clubs have sprung up around the country. They advertise their meetings on social media and organise big ‘free smoke’ events, such as the one that recently saw 10,000 people gather in London’s Hyde Park. They also organise small intimate evenings for tasting and exchanging different types of marijuana.

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