Russia makes up 64% of all HIV infections in Europe

by Editorial Staff - 2017.01.10
Russia makes up 64% of all HIV infections in Europe
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Russia now accounts for 64% of all HIV cases in Europe. The country recorded 98,177 new diagnoses of HIV in 2015. This is a 15% increase on its 2014 figures. According to aidsmap, the increase in Russia was a major factor in the Europe-wide figure for new diagnoses increasing by 8%. Drug use is widely responsible for the HIV epidemic in Russia with intravenous drug use accounted for 58% of HIV transmissions. However, despite this, the Russian government has been widely criticized for its lack of effective policy on tackling HIV. While in many nations programmes are provided to help users withdraw from injecting drugs – such as using methadone – the Russian government has hardly any assistance in place. At the same time, others countries in Europe such as Spain and Italy reported a fall in the number of people becoming infected with HIV. But the most significant fall is in France. It reported a 30% drop in HIV diagnosis.

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