Romanians and Bulgarians most successful in German jobs market

by Mattia Rosini - 2013.09.09

In Germany, the most integrated immigrants in the labour market are Romanians and Bulgarians. Just in 2012, about 175,000 arrived in Germany: 22% more than the previous year. Of those, more than 70,000 decided to stay indefinitely in the country. According to the Institut für Arbeitsmarkt und Berufsforschung, this is because their integration in the jobs market has been very positive. So much so that their rate of unemployment is far lower than other foreigners, at 9.6% compared to 16.4%. Most are employed in catering, agriculture and care of the elderly. The popular misconception that they are poorly qualified should also be corrected. Of the new arrivals, a quarter have degrees while 40% have a professional specialisation.