Rising numbers of women are buying illegal abortion pills on the Internet

by Beatrice Credi - 2017.02.15
Rising numbers of women are buying illegal abortion pills on the Internet
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In Great Britain numbers of women are buying illegal abortion pills on the internet are rising. Some 375 packages of abortion pills were seized last year by the drugs watchdog on their way to British addresses. The number has jumped from 270 in 2015, 180 in 2014 and just five in 2013. By law, the pills, which are taken in two doses over 48 hours, are meant to be administered by a doctor or nurse only after two doctors have given consent. But they can be easily obtained from online pharmacies based in the UK for as little as £15. Currently, a woman can face life in jail if she ends her pregnancy herself as it is still a crime to ‘procure a miscarriage’ except in certain circumstances. The data was obtained by the country’s leading abortion provider, the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, which said many women were ‘desperate’. The charity suspects women are reluctant to take time off work to attend a clinic, are unable to leave home as they have children to look after or feel embarrassed to go.

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