Recovering from an eating disorder by building a new wardrobe

by Beatrice Credi - 2017.04.18
Recovering from an eating disorder by building a new wardrobe
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Many women give the size of their clothing so much power. For women struggling with an eating disorder, that power has a crippling hold over their ability to ever recover. A new nonprofit is helping women tackle one of the most common but often overlooked challenges during eating disorder recovery: building a new wardrobe. The Garment Project provides women in recovery with brand-new, tagless, sizeless clothing for free. By removing sizing information, Garment helps women leaving recovery to focus on their health, rather than size labels that can be triggering and cause setbacks. It also removes the sizable financial burden that comes with completely replacing your closet. Through partnerships with many stores, Garment has a stocked inventory with a detailed log of true measurements for every item. This ensures the items will fit a given client, so they can cut out all labels and sizing information in the process. Once the nonprofit matches the measurements, each woman receives a package of basics, including T-shirts, bras, underwear, and jeans. They also receive a curated, individualized, and secure online shopping page to find additional items to fit their personal styles.

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