Political myopia

by Fabiana Settanni - 2012.05.02
Political myopia
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While French people are waiting for the new occupant of the Elysée, from the presidential election campaign, has already emerged certain dataIn France it is always stronger the disconnect between politics and society. So much so that, while most of the candidates are working to present every kind of recipes against illegal immigration, it turns out that the priorities of the citizens are quite different. According to a recent survey “ViaVoice-BPCE”, in fact, only 3% of respondents were concerned about the excessive presence of foreigners in the country. For all others, the real problems to solve are essentially three: the expensive fuel (51%), the increase of the unemployment rate (31%) and the collapse of the purchasing power of households (15%).

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  • The European Court of Justice rejects attempts to skirt immigration laws

    The European Court of Justice (ECJ) taught a lesson to those in Italy who thought they could get around immigration laws, clarifying once again, that it is useless to try and pull the wool over the court’s eyes when trying to find solutions to complex issues. The judges in Luxemburg, Read More.

  • Record numbers of repatriations for illegal immigrants in the EU

    Record number of repatriation for illegal immigrants in the European Union. According to the latest Eurostat report, in fact, more than 226,000 extra-EU citizens who were illegally present in the European Community territory were sent back to their countries of origin. This is the highest number yet recorded since 2008, Read More.

  • There is no one unique integration for all immigrants

    Adriano Cancellieri is a Sociologist at Iuav University in Venice and has just published Migrants and Urban Space in the latest issue of Il Mulino magazine. Q: In one of your recent articles, to summarize briefly, you speak about the integration of immigrants as being all or nothing. Can you explain Read More.

  • How many Italian municipalities do host immigrants

    "Less than 50% of the total number of Italian municipalities host immigrants." This was reported by the Minister of the Interior during the question time that was held yesterday at the Chamber of Deputies. During which it emerged that only 3,153 local realities give or have given hospitality to newcomers. Read More.

  • It is sad to deny citizenship as a birth-right and still welcome the barges

    The Italian Government’s about face on citizenship as a birth-right is the price we could pay for the unresolved immigration emergency in the Mediterranean. To add insult to injury or allow the defeat of the honest versus dishonest, we will give up a modernized system designed to streamline the procedures for Read More.

  • Behind the boatloads of immigrants is an uncomfortable and unknown story

    Behind the migratory aggression that has unfolded for weeks now, taking its toll on Italy, there is another undesirable scenario unfolding. Of which few people speak, and of which even less are aware. Centered entirely on Africa. Or, more precisely, sub-Saharan Africa. A hazy line of demarcation that goes on Read More.