People with Down’s syndrome have the same needs as everyone else

by Roberta Lunghini - 2017.03.20
People with Down’s syndrome have the same needs as everyone else
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People with Down’s syndrome don’t have “special needs”. They simply have the same needs as everyone else: to receive proper education, to get a job, to live with independence, to catch up with friends, to play sport, to fully exercise their rights as equal citizens. This is the core message of the short film “Not Special Needs”, directed by Wayne McClammy and which sees the participation of Lauren Potter, the twenty-seven-year-old actress with Down’s syndrome who played, among others, the role of Becky Jackson in “Glee”, the hit musical series broadcast by Fox for six seasons and of the actor John McGinley, best known for the role of Dr. Perry Cox on the television series “Scrubs”.

This is an initiative realized in the framework of the international campaign by CoorDown – National Coordination of Associations of People with Down syndrome for the celebration of the twelfth World Down Syndrome Day, to take place on Tuesday, 21 March 2017. For this occasion, the Italian Association for people with Down’s syndrome (AIPD) has launched a fundraising around the Country: in more than 30 Italian cities is already possible, since last March 19, to contribute with donations. To all donors a small can with Baby’s Breath seeds are offered.

  • All the members of this dance company have Down’s Syndrome

    Mops_DanceSyndrome is the Swiss contemporary dance company composed exclusively of people with Down’s syndrome. This is an innovative and independent art-choreographic project that fights the prejudices using dance, enhancing talent, sensitivity, expressiveness and creativity of its performers. A kind of ‘choreosophy’, that is choreography moving towards a spiritual dimension. ‘CCC_Collective Read More.

  • The little girl with Down’s Syndrome received a great gift from grandma

    A clothing business dedicated entirely to individuals with Down’s Syndrome. Karen Bowersox, owner and founder of Downs Design Dreams, that was launched in 2010, had the idea as a result of seeing how difficult it was for Maggie, her 12-year old grandchild with Trisomy 21, to get dressed every day. So, this Read More.

  • New comic superhero with Down’s Syndrome

    Superb is the name of the new American comic book that, for the first time, will have a main character with Down’s Syndrome. The story will be about Jonah, a young boy who fights to find his place in the world and put his special gifts –  strength, telekinesis, telepathy Read More.

  • New prenatal test for Down’s Syndrome screening

    In Paris, initial experimentation will begin on the use of the special DNA test aimed at substituting amniocentesis for the diagnosis of Down’s Syndrome. The Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP) – a university hospital associated with the French capital – will, in fact, offer pregnant women the opportunity to choose Read More.

  • The rap song by Italian guys with Down’s syndrome is a real success

    "We're all the same, we're all special" is what young people with Down’s syndrome of Reggio Calabria sing. This is a rap song made by the AIPD (Italian Association of People with Down’s Syndrome) of Reggio Calabria with the collaboration of the rappers Kento and Mad Simon. A song whose Read More.

  • How many individuals with Down’s Syndrome work in Italy

    In Italy, only 13% of individuals with Down’s Syndrome have a job and a regular contract. This is worrisome issue reported by the Italian Association for people with Down's syndrome (AIPD) that, in view of the next Labour Day (May 1, 2017), took stock of the occupational situation of adults Read More.