The numbers of today’s anti-semitism

by Annalisa Lista - 2014.01.27
The numbers of today’s anti-semitism
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Today is the International Holocaust Remembrance Day and anti-semitism stil persists in Europe. According to Enar, there are still severe levels of discrimination and hate-motivated violence against Jewish communities in the 8 EU countries surveyed (France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Latvia, Sweden and the UK). For example, a majority of survey respondents (66%) regarded anti-Semitism as a major problem in their countries, and 33% of respondents expressed fear they may become victim of physical violence over the next year. Some political parties, then , deny the Holocaust and openly incite againstĀ  Jews, Roma, Muslims, Black Europeans and migrants in general. In this context, it is crucial to build strong relationships between these communities because intercommunity solidarity is the key and it is important in view of next European elections.