National Geographic has declared 2017 “year of trans children”

by Angelica Basile - 2017.01.06
National Geographic has declared 2017 “year of trans children”
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Avery Jackson, 9-year-old trans: she is the one that has been chosen to grace the cover of the 2017 International Edition of National Geographic. She will be joined by another 80 young children, boys and girls, in this special edition that the magazine has dedicated to the “Gender Revolution”. The issue was conceived of as a means to explore the ways in which the understanding of the concept of gender has changed, according to both science and society. Each of the kids featured was asked 9 questions regarding what it means to be male or female, and most of all, about the advantages and disadvantages of being born a boy or a girl. A true depiction of their ideas of sexual identity emerged, as one might expect of kids of that age, a direct and sincere account, without filters. But the most important testimonial was that of Avery, who in 2014 made headlines around the world for being only 7 when she made the decision to undergo a sex change. She was resolved from the very beginning, explains Robin Hammond, photographer and author of the report. She made things clear from our first meeting. “When I got to her house– he remembers – “she was wearing the same outfit that you see on the cover: totally pink. It was her way of communicating to me and everyone who would be seeing her, exactly who she is, by showing the clothes that she considered an important part of her identity”.

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