It’s time to apply for a scholarship by Intercultura

by Roberta Lunghini - 2017.01.10
It’s time to apply for a scholarship by Intercultura
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85 scholarships sponsored in Italy by Intercultura are available in order to take part in language programs around the world. They are reserved for high school students in the age range 15-18 years, who apply before January 20 (except 30 scholarships by Intesa Sanpaolo, whose deadline is January 13). A growing number of institutions, foundations, companies are contributing in order to allow a deserving student, but in need of financial support, to spend a training period abroad. The destinations are many: if one prefers to stay in Europe there are Ireland, Spain, Denmark, Finland and Russia; but if one wants to go west the proposals are in Canada, USA, Argentina; in Asia it is possible to choose between India, China and Japan.

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  • Italy is reconfirmed to have the European record of young NEET

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