Italians can be proud of country’s safe haven for LGBTI refugees

by Beatrice Credi - 2017.01.10
Italians can be proud of country’s safe haven for LGBTI refugees
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In Bologna, Italy, the first home for lesbian, gay, bisexuals, trans and intersex asylum seekers, who have fled their countries of origin due to persecution, has now opened its doors. “Rise the difference” supported by the cooperative Movement for Trans Identity (MIT), Camelot, and the Lgbti Resource Center, has established 4 main objectives: 1) to create a hospitable environment in the physical structures provided by the municipality 2) to involve families or individuals in the area who wish to offer a home to LGBTI asylum seekers; 3) to publish guidelines for immigration specialists who work with this particular category of refugees; 4) to facilitate the creation of a contact center for support. The only similar structure in Europe is in Berlin, and those who have promoted the idea want to emphasize that this is not a means to segregate, but rather, a response to a very specific, expressed need. In fact, acts of violence towards these individuals have already been recorded in centers of identification for refugees and asylum seekers, even before they have begun the process of requesting asylum. For this reason, separate living quarters has been considered an optimal sollution.

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