Italian parents trying to choose best school for next year

by Roberta Lunghini - 2017.01.11

In Italy, from January 16th to Febbruary 6th, parents can enroll their kids in the school of their choice for next academic year. There is a dedicated portal where parents can sign in to get the information they need to be able to send their requests digitally. In fact, enrollments for the first year of Elementary, Middle and High Schools must be done online. This same online method can be used for professional schools in the regions that have adhered to the digital system (Lazio, Liguria, Lombardy, Molise, Piedmont, Sicily and Veneto). Parents of kids in pre-school can still use the old, paper method. The Italian Ministry for Education, University and Research (MIUR) has distributed information to all parents about how to choose a school and emphasizes that the website “Scuola in Chiaro” (Clarity about School) provides school profiles for all institutions as well as useful information, such as curricula, hours and student achievements.

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