Hollaback! launches app to report street abuse

by Letizia Orlandi - 2013.09.16
Hollaback! launches app to report street abuse
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“You have the power to end street harassment” is the slogan of Hollaback!, an international movement that aims to end violence against women in public spaces. Its application gives you a technological defense weapon, allowing users to report suspected abuse in real time on a map. In some parts of the world (in the US where Hollaback! has gained popularity, for example), you can even post photos of the offender. The result is twofold. It not only allows the victims to express themselves within a supportive community but it is also a useful tool for the police to identify at-risk areas. It’s a commendable initiative but there are some issues to clear up: for example, who defines the line between violent acts and inappropriate complements?

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