Give child marriage the finger, the provocative Plan UK’s campaign

by Beatrice Credi - 2015.03.17
Give child marriage the finger, the provocative Plan UK’s campaign
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A girl with her face angry and with the ring finger raised – with the same aggressiveness of when the act is done with the middle finger – stands in the London Underground. On the finger in the foreground we see clearly a ring, in the place of the wedding one. It is the provocative Plan UK’s campaign to stop the phenomenon of child brides. By many considered rude, it brings engraved the equally irreverent slogan “Give child marriage the finger, show the world what you think child marriage.Wedding rings are a symbol of love and unity. But girls who are subjected to child marriage face a life of isolation; they are denied their rights, their choices and their freedom. When you donate, we’ll send you an exclusive ring as a thank you. Wear this ring and show your support for child brides and girls at risk of child marriage. Today, 41,000 girls around the world will be married against their will. Denied their right to choose if, who and when they marry, they will probably drop out of education and face the twin risks of sexual violence and early pregnancy.

  • No more child brides like in the time of Gangs of New York

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