Espionage is most recent means to fight obesity

by Beatrice Credi - 2017.03.17

The latest state-of-the-art spyware technology to fight obesity. This is the last, desperate attempt of the U.S. government to contain the damage of what has already been deemed a plague. This last year has seen American families invaded by every conceivable, next generation gadget with the hope of achieving one primary aim: to understand the eating habits of families throughout America. A few examples. Smartwatches with wireless sensors that reveal the speed with which the “eaters” consume their meals; cameras that film nightly raids on the fridge; microphones that record conversations in the kitchen; and phone apps that monitor the stress and mood of participants in real-time. Because, as the researchers involved in this first-of-a-kind project tell us, there is nothing that has more impact on food intake than the cultural and personal dynamics that take place within the family home. The data collected have just been presented at the annual conference of the American Psychosomatic Society and represent a base upon which public health experts can build programs for fighting obesity.

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