E-cigs help quit smoking, Italian researchers say

by Paola Battista - 2014.11.14

“One in two smokers could give up traditional cigarette, with a significant reduction in respiratory impairment, thanks to a guided use of the electronic cigarette.” This is the major finding of a research led by the Italian Observatory for Smoking, Alcohol and Drug use at the Health Institute (ISS) together with the Hospital San Giovanni Bosco of Turin. They monitored the use of the e-cig in 34 resistant smokers, coming to a the that electronic cigarettes “inserted in a specific clinical methodology” are effective in smoking cessation. After the four months experiment 50% of participants used only the electronic cigarette, 24% smoked both and 26% get back to traditional tobacco cigarettes. “However, in the latter two groups we found a significant reduction in the number of daily cigarettes with a consequent significant decrease of carbon monoxide,” adds Roberta Pacifici Director of the Observatory.