Doubled HIV cases add to Greek woes

by Ivano Abbadessa - 2013.06.17
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In Greece, HIV rates have soared by 200% since 2011. The dramatic increase is driven, in particular, by the intravenous drug users. The figure emerges from a report published in Lisbon by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), which showed that while in Europe the number of new infections attributable to drug use has dropped, in Greece the situation is completely different. To whom responsibilities can be attributed? According to experts, the Hellenic country is fighting a debt crisis that has led to deep cuts dismantling the health care national system and drug treatment programs. Example of this situation are the closure of 13 hospitals within the next few months, the new emergence of diseases that were eradicated in Europe, and the unstoppable doctors brain drain: only in the area of Athens, 4 thousand doctors have emigrated abroad in the past three years.