Don’t let your indifference make you an accomplice to child abuse

by Beatrice Credi - 2017.03.02
Don’t let your indifference make you an accomplice to child abuse
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The invisible drama is a reality that people prefer to not face. Every year, in France, tens of children die at the hands of their parents. Since January of this year, already in February of 2017, there were nine cases. With the hope of breaking the silence and the reluctance of people to “get involved in other people’s business”, Laurence Rossignol, French Minister for Families has just promoted her first inter-ministerial program to combat violence against children, with the slogan, “Baby in Danger: in case of doubt, take action!”. To educate, mobilize and assign responsibility to all citizens when it comes to preventing child abuse. And to remind everyone, that this is a problem that affects the entire community. A free emergency number 119 was made available for reporting suspicious episodes/persons.

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