Divorce Italian style can mean “ex-Ms” has to support “ex-Mr”

by Roberta Lunghini - 2017.01.11
Divorce Italian style can mean “ex-Ms” has to support “ex-Mr”
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In Italy, in the case of a divorce, it is not always the woman who gets an alimony check from her “ex”. A recent Supreme Court decision explained that the ex-wife might have to support her “ex” in the event that he “does not have an adequate income and is unable to find a better job for objective reasons”. They also specify that this is the case even if the marriage was very brief, for example only 2 years. The Supreme Judges clarified that the length of time of the marriage has an impact only on the amount of the alimony, not “if” it is warranted. All of this gets verified in the steps that determine the true economic situation of the “ex-Mr.”

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